Job Description

Title: Revenue Analyst

Reports To: Director of Revenue Management, VP of Operations

Department: Reservations/Sales

Classification: Full Time - Salary


Position Summary:

            The Revenue Analyst is responsible for managing, analyzing, and monitoring the historical and statistical data related to the Hotel’s revenue with the intention of maximizing profits while reporting to the Director of Revenue Management.    The Revenue Analyst tracks revenue over time and determines the direction of the trend with comparison to competitors in the industry.  This position will require significant attention to detail with the ability to work with little guidance in a fast-paced, goal orientated environment.



  • Analyze, create, prepare, generate and distribute daily, weekly and monthly reports using current data management systems to ensure long term performance and growth
  • Attend Department meetings and provide team with a synopsis of discussions within a timely manner
  • Assist Dir. of Revenue Management with daily reports and/or monitoring rates and inventory allocation based upon need or any other reasonable requests/tasks
  • Facilitate weekend pick up report on a weekly basis to provide team with hotel performance data to base staffing requirements
  • Update and monitor rate changes among competitors to evaluate market trends and performance
  • Anticipate target dates of higher occupancy/demand and adjust rates accordingly
  • Manage the training of all Revenue Management procedures by creating SOP manuals
  • Analyze overall monthly hotel performance of reservations based on their rate plan and provide summary report with historicals to improve long term strategies and monitor trends
  • Respond to Corporate/Consortia RFP bid requests in Lanyon
  • Manage Consortia accounts to ensure rate distribution is parallel with yearly contracted rates and grow the market channel. Maintain working relationship with Consortia partners and evaluate performance.
  • Provide analysis of trends, demand and market conditions
  • Competence to read situation, understand environments and respond accordingly
  • Work across all levels of Hotel organizations spreading revenue vision and goals.